The Saale cycle path 2014

On its way from the Fichtelgebirge mountain range to the River Elbe, the Saale river flows through Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt with its trusty companion, the Saale cycle path at its side. You will see spiritual buildings of international reputation in Naumburg, Merseburg and Magdeburg. And a visit to the county museum for Prehistory in Halle will reveal the mystic Nebra sky disk.

But you won't miss out on nature either along the Saale cycle path. In Thuringia's slate mountains, the river is dammed by weirs several times. This has produced a glittering expanse of water similar to a fjord-like landscape, and is unique in Germany. Saalfeld, with its mysterious fairy-tale grottos is a popular place to start the route among most cyclists. Leaving the modern city of Jena, the Saale river flows into a valley, which has the air of a canyon about it, framed by pale chalk cliffs and high, forested slopes. Further north, the landscape alters giving way to the now expansive curves of the river and open planes for vineyards. Winemakers are to be found along the side-rivers of the Ilm and Unstrut busy making their excellent wines. In the biosphere reserve in Mittelelbe, the Saale cycle path comes to an end. Magdeburg or Dessau are the cities in which your cycle tour is concluded.


Towns and countryside are best explored by bike

CyclistsCathedral, Naumburg


Halle on the Rive Saale – the birth town of one of the most influential musicians of all times

Halle an der Saale, monument to Handel


There are always lovely places to stop for a break on the way

Taking a break from cycling


There is a lot to discover along the Saale cycle path. We look forward to hearing from you!

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